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IA Metals Research has a Patreon account. Patreon is a platform where people can subscribe for a monthly donation to creators if they like the materials and ideas behind it. For example, if you like our research and want to support our further work you can choose to become a monthly donator.

You decide how much you want to give for and every time IA Metals Research posts research that sum will be donated to our team. You can also set up a monthly limit: as for now, IA Metals Research plans to publish 1-2 research reports per month. If we start producing analytics more often you can set the limit and choose how many reports per month you want to support.

You connect your card or you can use your PayPal account.

Follow the link below or click on the Patreon logo to check out IA Metals Research’s Patreon page and decide on your support. Thank you!

IA Metals Research at Patreon.

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